2020 Review

2020 Year in review

Representation on the Leech Lake River One Watershed One Plan Advisory Committee

Representation on the Pine River Watershed One Watershed, One Plan Advisory Committee

Representation/attendance at Cass County AIS Management and Prevention Task Force Meetings

Updated ACCL contact information disseminating ACCL news and notes to members and an extended audience. ACCL notice of meetings published in area news publications.

Maintained resort contact information

Maintained working relationships with AIS Program Coordinators from Vermilion Lake Association (St Louis County) and Itasca County through the Multi-Region Resort Ambassador Project, Grant extension until 2020

2020 AIS Partnership Interest Survey and Resort Information Lunches that were planned were canceled due to the pandemic.

Five resorts in the Resort Ambassador Program are working on inspections on turn-over days, utilizing their employees and AIS Detectors.

Continued the facilitation of the RMBEL water testing program

Up The Creek Meats pilot partnership with Minnesota Lakes & Rivers Advocates, Fish and Waters Conservation Fund, Happy Dancing Turtle, and Pine River Watershed Alliance, connecting lake associations directly with farmers who produce food in a way that protects water.

Affiliated with and/or a member of the following organizations:

  • Northern Waters Land Trust

  • Minnesota AIS Research Center (MAISRC)

  • Minnesota Coalition of Lake Associations (MNCOLA)

  • Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates (MLR)

  • Pine River Watershed Alliance (PRWA)

Kept abreast of MN COLA activity; Linda Blake now a MN COLA Co-Vice President.

Provides AIS educational materials to lake associations, businesses, resorts, and others


May 29 TOPIC: Up The Creek Meats – A pilot to connect lake associations directly with farmers who produce food in a way that protects water.

Guests: Ron Meyer, Pine River Watershed Alliance (PRWA); Greg Booth, Sunup Ranch; and Jeff Forester, Minnesota Lakes & Rivers Advocates (MLR)

The goal is to connect lake associations with farmers in Cass County that produce meat in a way which protects water quality, reduces flooding, and provides a healthier product for the consumer. Learn how lake associations can pre-order directly from the producer.


• Cass County AIS and Summer Plans, Levy Bergstrom, AIS Lake Technician

• MN Lakes & Rivers (MLR) Advocates Update and Questions, Jeff Forester

• Discussion on how lake associations are working during COVID-19

June 26 Healthy Well Water, Cass County Well Testing

Kelly Condiff, Environmental Services Department

The Cass County Environmental Services Department started a program to test private wells where people have expressed concern about potential groundwater contamination from agricultural activity. In addition to water testing, the department plans to emphasize best management practices for producers to more efficiently irrigate and reduce the use of agricultural chemicals, plus use more winter cover crops. Kelly will update on both these initiatives.


• Pineland Sands Environmental Review Update (Mike Tauber)

• Up the Creek Meats Farmer Spotlight: Matthew Rohr, Pine Stone Farm (pinestonefarm.com)

• Research project on watercraft-generated wave impact (Gull Chain of Lakes Association Board Members, Uldis Birznieks and Steve Frawley)

• Discussion on how lake associations are working during COVID-19 (time permitting)

July 31 The Nature Conservancy

Todd Holman, Mississippi Headwaters Program Director, CRSL Coordinator

Todd will provide an update on the Cory Brook Aquatic Management Area opportunity and other conservation/working lands initiatives in the greater Crow Wing River and Pine River watersheds.

Eleanor Burkett, Our Mississippi Our Future

Eleanor will discuss how taking action now can protect and preserve the upper Mississippi River and leave a legacy of clean water for future generations.


• Cass County AIS Update: Levy Bergstrom

• Up the Creek Meats Farmer Introduction: 3 Sixteen Ranch, Fort Ripley, MN

Announcements (sent via email):

• Recycling Refresher

• Census Outreach

August 28 Dorothy Whitmer, Gull Chain of Lakes Association, GCOLA, Lake Steward Program

Protecting water quality means appropriately managing the land use around the lake and within the watershed to reduce the amount of pollution that enters the lake. Learn how Gull Lake has implemented the Lake Steward Program and how you can bring it to your lake!

It might be of interest to view a recording of the Lake Steward Program here before the meeting: http://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=EE57D980814931

John Sumption, Land Conservation Specialist, and Terry Tripp, Board Member, Northern Waters Land Trust

New developments with Northern Waters Land Trust and the Conservation Easement and Acquisition Programs.

Up the Creek Meats Farmer Introduction: LIVE from the Hollister Family Farm, 12857 Nokasippi River Road, Brainerd, MN 56401


Taking on Starry Stonewort

GUESTS: Kevin Farnum, Co-Vice President, Minnesota Coalition of Lake Associations (MN COLA) and AIS Committee, Koronis Lake Association AND….

Nicole Kovar, MN DNR Invasive Species Specialist

Join the final ACCL meeting of the season and learn the latest news on Starry Stonewort, an invasive aquatic species threatening our lakes. What is the outlook, can it be detected, treated, and beat?


Levy Bergstrom, Cass County AIS Lake Technician:

Starry Trek and end-of-the year update

Jamie Konopacky, Environmental Working Group (EWG) Midwest Director: Update on the appeal of the DNR denial of need for EIS in the Pineland Sands