2019 Review

ACCL - 2019 Year in review

Representation on the Leech Lake River One Watershed One Plan Advisory Committee (Plan Review, Plan Approved March 27, 2019)

Representation on the Pine River Watershed One Watershed, One Plan Advisory Committee (Projected plan approval by December, 2019)

Attendance and sponsor at the Community of Resorts Conference, October 2018. Followed up with resorts at the Conference

Representation/attendance at Cass County AIS Management and Prevention Task Force Meetings, November 27, 2018 and June 5, 2019

Updated ACCL contact information disseminating ACCL news and notes to members and an extended audience. ACCL notice of meetings published in area news publications. Lakeland TV at June host meeting

Maintained resort contact information

Maintained working relationships with AIS Program Coordinators from Vermilion Lake Association (St Louis County) and Itasca County through the Multi-Region Resort Ambassador Project, Grant extension until 2020

Five participating resorts in the Resort Ambassador Program, includingTuckaway Resort (Lake Hattie), Stony Lake Resort (Cass Lake), Timber Trails Resort (Boy Lake), and Leech Lake Campground (Leech Lake) and AIS Detectors on two resorts on Long Lake.

Continued the facilitation of the RMBEL water testing program

Hosted an AIS Detector Program Backus site and sponsored 19 persons for training, June 2019

Weevil project on Townline Lake with Jeff Forester, MLR, Initiative Foundation Civic Governance pilot project around local efforts to prevent the spread of AIS (as an AIS best management practice), working with schools and also coordination with Leech Lake Band of


Available to help Lake Associations to update their individual Lake Management Plans.

Hosted MN COLA (Minnesota Coalition of Lake Associations) and MLR (Minnesota Lakes and Rivers) Annual Meetings, June 2019 (see June Member Meeting). Coordinated a Resource Table Showcase.

Affiliated with and/or a member of the following organizations:

Hackensack Senior Center (The Hub) - hosts our monthly membership meetings

Northern Waters Land Trust

Minnesota AIS Research Center (MAISRC)

Minnesota Coalition of Lake Associations (MNCola)

Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates (MLR)

Pine River Watershed Alliance (PRWA)

Kept abreast of MN COLA activity; Vice President Lynn Goodrich had been serving as the MN COLA representative to ACCL. Linda Blake now a MN COLA Director.

ACCL representation at Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Research and Management Showcase, September 2019

Provides AIS educational materials to lake associations, businesses, resorts, and others

As a result of Cass County June “Showcase” has a traveling ACCL powerpoint presentation

Separated Treasurer and Membership duties


May 31 Treasurer Report (Bob Iversen)

Cass County AIS Plan (John Ringle, Jessica Manifold, Levy Bergstrom)

AIS Detector Training (Linda Blake)

Updates from MNCola Meeting (Chuck Herrig)

Wright County Boat Inspection Pilot

Wake Boat Concerns

Muskie Stocking

Update from Northern Waters Land Trust (Kathy Moore, Executive Director)

MLR/MNCOLA Business Meetings ACCL host, June 17-18 (Linda Blake)


What is Your Lake Association Doing?

Lake Association Management and/or AIS Plan Updates

"Meet & Greet" Kathy and Levy (informal)

RMB distribute lake monitoring supplies

June 17-18 Water Connects us All

Guest speaker Paul Huttner, chief meteorologist for Minnesota Public Radio, talking about climate change and its impact on Minnesota lakes and rivers.

Legislative updates: Senator Carrie Rudd, Chair of the Senate Environmental Policy and Legacy Funding Committee and Rep. John Persell, Chair of the House Environmental and Natural Resources Policy Committee.

MN COLA annual business meeting and election

Sarah Strommen, Commissioner of the DNR

Cass County Lake Association Showcase Presentation:

Field trips: Lake tour on Leech Lake or a kayak paddle

July 27 Treasurer Report (Bob Iversen)

Membership Report (Kathy Wagner)

John Kruse (Guest), Otter Tail County Coalition of Lake Associations (OTC COLA) presented information OTC COLA has designed to make it easier for Lake Associations and Members to understand and advocate for waters we need to protect

Starry Trek: Cass County Environmental Services host at The Hub, August 17


AIS Cass County, including volunteer dive team

Resort Ambassador Program

Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) for Pineland Sands

Weevil Eurasian Milfoil Program on Townline Lake


AIS Detector activity

Lake Association Management and/or AIS Plan Updates

Inspections on four launch ramps on Child Lake, two on Woman and one on Girl

What is Your Lake Association Doing?


August 30 GUEST: Phil Votruba, Project Manager, MPCA

Salt levels are rising in Minnesota waters and it’s not just winter to blame

Through the Statewide Chloride Management Plan, MPCA hopes to work with municipalities, counties, watershed districts and other state experts to develop strategies for reducing the biggest sources of chloride in our waterways - winter maintenance, dust control, and water softening. The agency is also focusing on critical areas around the state where more salt is being used – highly developed watersheds with lots of roads and parking lots, and areas with very hard drinking water. Learn more about chloride and its impacts on Minnesota water and also an update on the state of lakes in Cass County.


GUEST: Todd Tisler

Chippewa National Forest Fish and Wildlife Program Manager

Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership Steering Committee Chair

Come learn about the fisheries related projects funded by the Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership (MGLP). Find out about the MGLP annual request for fish habitat conservation project proposals due October 15. The MGLP support conservation projects that work toward meeting the goals and objectives set forth in their Strategic Plan to benefit glacial lake fish habitats. In addition, Todd will showcase some of the fish habitat projects implemented on the Chippewa National Forest