2015 Review


• Submitted proposal and received funding from Cass County AIS Fund/SWCD for AIS PREVENTION PROJECTS ON THE BOY RIVER CHAIN OF LAKES that primarily focuses on the almost 60 resorts on the chain.

• Applied for and received a $3500 matching "Public AIS Grant from the Minn. DNR for a variety of AIS Prevention Educational materials to be distributed primarily to resorts. The SWCD agreed to provide the matching funds from CCAIS Funds.

• Created, printed and helped distribute "AIS Watercraft Decontamination Station location in Cass County" information cards and established a telephone call in decon location hotline.

• Facilitate lake association/ RMBEL water testing program

• Maintain memberships with Mn. COLA and Mn. lakes and Rivers Advocates

• Support the formation of "Northern Minnesota Water Alliance".

• Member of CCAIS Implementation Team

• Contribute to Friends of the Headwaters

• Publish ACCL News and Notes" newsletter to about 150 recipients; "ACCL Network" to about 60 recipients and maintain the ACCLAKES.org website.

• Five regular membership meetings May - September.

• Partner with the CCAIS Coordinator/ESC/SWCD to successfully implement the CC AIS Plan.

• Continue to slowly implement the ACCL "Strategic Team Based Management Plan".

• Purchased and implementing a Membership Management System Software Program.


• Continue to provide leadership and support for ACCL's member associations with meaningful membership meetings with focus on education, exchange of ideas, information and problem solving, collaboration with environmental partners, good communications with regular newsletters and website.

• Continue to work closely with the CCAIS Program/ESD/SWCD in implementing the CC AIS Plan by ongoing communications with CCAIS Coordinator and participation on the CCAIS Implementation Team.

• Support the LLAWF, Mn. COLA and Minn. lakes and Rivers Alliance.

• Support the formation of the Northern Minn. Water Alliance.

• Assist member lake associations to be successful achieving their initiatives/projects.

• Continue to grow and implement the ACCL "Strategic Team Based Management Plan",

• Continue to expand the full potential of ACCL's Membership Management System Software Program.