Water Quality

Water Quality

2017 -

Mariya Rufer of RMB Labs presented the following presentation at our final ACCL meeting:

RMB Year End report

In the presentation she discussed phosphorous management on our two watersheds:

Leech Lake Watershed Phosphorous management

Pine River Watershed Phosphorous management

2015 - Brad has updated his water quality report -

ACCL Summary 2015

2013 - Brad Ferris of Ponto Lake has compiled a summary of water quality data for member lakes. The summary is for data from 2002-2011.

ACCL Summary 2013

Report headings are explained here:

PH - acidity measure of water. Neutral is 7 with numbers lower being acidic and numbers higher being alkaline.

CHL - chlorophyll-a reading. The higher the number the more chlorophyll-a. More chorophyll-a equates to more algae. Algae is a food source for the lake's food web so some algae is necessary. Too much algae can cause oxygen to be depleted.

Secci - Secchi reading. Reading of how clear the water is. Measured by lowering a white disc into the water. Measured in meters with higher numbers indicating more clear water.

SAT - the estimated Secchi reading by using satellite technology.

TSI - Trophic Status Index - a measure combining the PH, chlorophyll and Secchi readings to show the total water quality in a water body.

WAE - DNR walleye net counts

2009 - Existing water quality data has been brought together in one place on the Cass County website as part of the 3 County Water Planning Project. The Cass County lakes that were included in the study/analysis are: Ada, Birch, Boy, Inquadona, Leech, Long, Little Boy, Pine Mountain, Pleasant, Portage, Steamboat, Sylvan, Ten Mile, Thunder, Wabedo, Washburn and Woman. Below is the link to the Cass County site where the 3 County Water Planning Project data resides:

Lake quality data

This site also contains a link to the Minnesota DNR Sensitive Shoreline data which was created as part of the Intra-Lakes Study.

Below is a document from RMB Labs with information on the 2009 lakes monitoring program. (If you participated in 2008, you can participate again in 2009 with the same drop off locations, etc.)

2009 Lakes Monitoring

Below is a spreadsheet from John Sumption of Cass County ESD with information on water quality for Cass County lakes. The data is from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).

MPCA Summary

2007 Water quality report from RMB Labs by Moriya Rufer (originally presented at fall 2007 ACCL meeting). Click the link below:

2007 Water Quality - (Adobe PDF file-711 KB)

Multi-Lake Summary for Cass County 2008 - Water Quality Data from RMB Labs, Inc.

This is a report of water quality readings for all lakes in Cass County that participate with RMB Labs.

Cass Summary - (Adobe PDF file - 338 KB)