Concordia College Survey-2017

Minnesota Lakes and Rivers worked with Concordia College to create, distribute and analyze a study of Minnesota's Lake Associations - Who They Are and What They Do.

The study was completed in September, 2017 and provides data on Minnesota Lake Associations, their scope of activities, major concerns, and main hurdles they face. See the link below for the study results:

2017 Concordia College Survey

Lake Association Sustainability-2014

Hubbard County COLA worked with Indiana University to perform an online email survey of members from 29 lake associations in th COLA. The survey was about Analyzing and Improving the Sustainability of Lake Associations. See the link below for more information:

2014 Lake Assoc Survey

UofM-Seasonal Owners-2014

The University of Minnesota Extension Service performed a survey of seasonal property owners in 8 Counties in Central Minnesota to estimate their future impact on these counties. Owner demographics, current and planned property uses, views on development and communications were surveyed. Future impacts on government, business, economics, etc. were examined. Some interesting findings are presented.

This report was published October, 2014.

2014 UofM Survey Results