Public Access Kiosk

Here is neat project for your lake association. Build and install a kiosk at your public access site. You can provide information to boaters such as: AIS decontamination sites, loon information, AIS infestations in your lake and how to treat your boat before leaving the access site, etc., etc.

Here is an example of a kiosk maintained at a public water access by the Child, Girl, Woman Lake Association:

Before you begin:

Contact the Division of Parks and Trails with the MN DNR, Brainerd at 218-203-4300 to inform them of your plans, location and time frame. Ask them to please indicate exactly where you can place the kiosk. Dave Schotzko is the Area Supervisor there - he can be reached at 218-308-2367 or

A Special Use permit from Parks and Trails is Required before construction begins.

Kiosk application

You may need Gopher State One to come out and check for utility lines before any digging begins (1-800-252-1166).

Get the help you need to construct and transport the kiosk to the location site. At the site you can either place the vertical 4x4 treated posts in the ground or into a hole and then add concrete.

Kiosk Construction Materials

Two 4x4x12 foot posts

Four 2x4x8 foot boards

One ¾ inch by 4x4 foot plywood

Eight 3/8 inch Carriage bolts/with nuts and washers

One ¼ inch 4x4 foot plexiglass

One pound 1-1/2 inch Screws (that won’t rust)

Three 1x4x6 foot boards


Roof Shingles

Three 3 inch hinges

One handle

One hasp lock