ACCL Committees

The ACCL is organized around the following areas of focus.





MISSION: To prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species into the lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands in Cass County.


1. Work with all federal, state, county, cities and township units of government as well as other LGU’s and lake associations in the coordination and implementation of authorized/legitimized AIS plans as they pertain to Cass County.


MISSION: To serve as the organized voice for its membership with township and county government in order to have stronger collective voice in government.


1. Encourage public officials to develop and implement comprehensive plans for wise and prudent management of lakes and shore land; encourage partnerships with governmental entities; contribute in developing township, municipal and county shore land policy; monitor and participate in governmental administration of lakes, rivers and non-riparian land.

2. Monitor local governing agency’s plans and decisions and regularly update the ACCL BOD.

3. Assemble and express consensus viewpoints of lake associations to government officials and agencies (particularly county) and to private organizations and the general public.

4. Appraise the county’s land use ordinances and comprehensive plans.

5. Coordinate local efforts to influence state and federal legislation relating to lake issues.


MISSION: To recognizing the fiscally importance of fishing to Cass County, the Fisheries Team is the ACCL voice for member lake associations to improve their quality of fishing.


1. Develop a relationship with DNR Fisheries Regions, that support ACCL lakes, to be proactive in reviewing and providing feedback regarding regional strategic fisheries plans.

2. Provide support to individual ACCL lake associations in their development of or modifications to their individual fish management plans.

3. Assure pertinent DNR Fisheries communication is available to ACCL lake associations.

4. Develop a relationship with other local fishing groups such as Walker Area Walleye Coalition and Leech Lake Walleye Task Force to understand and support their strategies and actions

5. Report, as needed, to the ACCL BOD and to ACCL membership regarding directions and issues by regional DNR Fisheries.


MISSION: To serve as the organized voice for ACCL on issues of water quality for its members.


1. Monitor on an annual basis the MPCA/RMBEL water quality reports for the member lake associations to see if there are any noticeable changes in the

Trophic State Index (TSI) reports provided by MPCA /RMBEL.

2. Advise lake associations of any significant changes in water quality reported by the MPCA/RMBEL in its reports on lakes and assist the in trying to determine the cause for the changes in water quality (TSI).

3. Aid county, state or federal agencies on any water or AIS issues that effect water quality in Cass County.

4. Report to the ACCL BOD and member lake associations on a yearly basis or sooner if needed on water quality issues for all the member lake associations that may have experienced significant changes in the previous year.


MISSION: Acknowledging the ecological, economic, recreational and social importance of all the water resources of Cass County, will establish open lines of communications with the various civic and business organizations in Cass County for the purposes of sharing information, promoting the exchange of ideas and building partnerships that will support the Mission and Vision of the Association of Cass County Lakes.


MISSION: To utilize multiple communication strategies to communicate ACCL’s Mission and related activities to all stakeholders.


1. Provide a current and relevant website.

2. Provide regular newsletters to all stakeholders.

3. Maintain current area radio station and newspaper e-mail distribution lists.

4. Maintain current e-mail distributions lists for lake association members and various stakeholder groups for the rapid distribution of information and/or a call for immediate action.


MISSION: To manage the financial activities of the association.


1. Checkbook activities: deposits and record income into categorized sources. Pay all board approved bills, donations and contributions. Maintain financial

software to document these activities.

2. Develop an annual budget to guide expenditures.

3. Manage 501(c)(3) – record donations for tax deduction purposes and oversee Lobbying efforts to ensure costs are below the minimum allowed. Lobbying by a 501(c)(3) is limited to 20% of total expenditures and only 5% for grassroots Lobbying (encouraging the public to contact legislators).

4. Annually register with the MN. Secretary of State the association Articles of Incorporation.

5. Distribute membership forms each year.

6. Participate in periodic audits of the association finances.

7. Assist in any fund raising efforts by the association.


MISSION: To assist and support existing associations as maybe requested by the association and assist in the formation of new lake associations.

ACCL’S VISION STATEMENT: The Association of Cass County Lakes envisions, by its leadership and support through education, connections and issue advocacy, engaged and empowered citizen members of the lakes associations working together with all our environmental partners, agencies and all units of government to preserve and improve all aspects of our Cass County water resources for all future generations. (Vision Statement was adopted at 2011 Annual Business Meeting of the Membership: October 15, 2011)

ADOPTED BY BOD: 11/15/2013