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2014 Review



·         Facilitated lake association/RMBEL water testing program.


·         Membership in Mn. COLA and Mn. Lakes and Rivers Advocates


·         Hosted Mn. COLA BOD meetings in June.


·         Contribution to LLAWF


·         Continued growing and implementing ACCL’s  “Strategic Team Based Management Plan”.


·         Member of the CC AIS Implementation Team.


·         Collaborated with CC SWCD and Implementation Team regarding the AIS funding to counties   approved by 2014 Mn. Legislature.


·         Over 100 association members participated in ACCL’s Political Action – Rapid Response Team  contacted members of the Mn. Legislature during the 2014 legislature regarding relevant legislation concerning AIS and other environmental/water related issues.


·         ACCL contacted all Cass County townships requesting donation to the CCAIS Fund.  Over $22,000 was donated by townships, lake associations, SWCD and BOC.  These fund were used to kick start a public access inspection program on a number of lakes.


·         ACCL’s “ANNOUNCEMENTS, UPDATES AND INFORMATION” Newsletter (7+ issues) mailed to over 150 recipients.


·         Several issues of “ACCL NETWORK” were published and mailed by Linda Blake, Editor, to over 60 recipients.


·         ACCL submitted a “Request for Proposal” to the LSOHC/IF to fund proposed project:  “ACCL – Protecting Boy River Chain of Lakes from AIS”.  Initial request for funding:  $170,000 (IF - $97,000:  ACCL/SWCD AIS FUND match - $73,000).


·         Prepared two “AIS PLAN for ___________ ASSOCIATION” templates that could be used by associations to create an association AIS Plan in conjunction with the CCAIS PLAN.


·         Five regular membership meetings May – September.


·         ACCL purchased projector for ACCL and associations when making power point presentations.




MAY:                    RMBEL water testing program for 2014

                                Stephanie Shearen, CC AIS Coordinator

                                Lindsey Ketchell,  LLAWF Exec. Dir.


JUNE:                    Jeff Forester, MLRA Exec. Dir.

                               Updates:  Stephanie Shearen, John Ringle, Sheriff Burch


JULY:                     Barb Halbakken Fischburg, Pres. of Lake Detroiters Assoc.(Detroit Lakes) spoke on strategies for increasing lake association membership.

   Jeff Mosner, member of BOD of “Friends of Headwaters” spoke on the proposed Enbridge Pipeline proposed route.


AUGUST:             Workshop meeting focusing on AIS related issues.


SEPTEMBER:       Paula West and Paul Radomski presented “Zonation Model Results for Leech Lake Water
                              ACCL 2014 Annual Business Meeting.





·         Continue to work hard, smart and provide meaningful leadership and collaboration with all our environmental partners in the implementation of the CC AIS Management and Prevention Plan with the ultimate goal of keepings any new forms of AIS from  entering the waters of Cass County.


·         Continue to support Mn. COLA, Mn. Lakes and Rivers Advocates.


·         Continue to place a high priority on providing meaningful membership meetings that encourages open communications, meaningful educational topics, exchange of ideas and is an inviting place for “all” of our environmental to feel welcome. 

·         Continue to grow and implement the “Strategic Team Based Management Plan”.


·         Continue to provide current communications strategies and meaningful ways to expand ACCL’s communications networks.


·         Constantly ask ourselves if all that we do is aligned with ACCL’s Mission, Core Values, Strategic Actions and ultimately our Vision.